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Matwork and Reformer Pilates

I love pilat​es and movement, and find it so beneficial to my run training and in counteracting the effects of modern life.

 Wanting to pass on these benefits to others led me to train as a Stott Pilates Matwork Instructor  and as a Reformer Instructor  and I now teach 1:1 private sessions in my garden studio in Woodingdean, and small classes in local venues.

Stott Pilates is a contemporary form of the classical pilates taught by the founder, Joseph Pilates, and has a strong anatomical research approach, meaning that it is a fantastic method to safely improve functional movement for everyday life, sports and hobbies.

pilates studio

The main benefit of regular pilates is that it will:

  • Strengthen deep abdominal, back and gluteal muscles to support the spine. ​
  • This will improve posture, help low back pain, and reduce risk of injury.


Other benefits are:

  • Improved flexibility
  • Increased total body strength
  • Better alignment, stability of joints, and spinal mobility
  • Good breathing patterns
  • A feeling of well being and a greater understanding of your body


Pilates exercises can be both gentle and extremely challenging in their intensity. It is important to learn a few of the fundamentals first, and proceed gradually. The five Basic Principles are always practised at the beginning. Then, as the exercises and technique build with time and experience, they can become harder -  which challenges strength, endurance, balance and coordination.

Any queries, do get in touch!


I look forward to welcoming you on your mindful movement journey…


1:1 Session £50

1:1 x 6 sessions £270

Group classes

6 session course £60

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